The gamescom debut of Sparkasse

We teamed up with Sparkasse and Jung von Matt SPORTS to create an unforgettable experience at gamescom. And judging by the numbers, visitors loved it as much as we did.

Turbocharged by the promotional efforts of Kevin Westphal and Eintracht Spandau, the TikTok campaign alone garnered over 3 million views, and we received more than 50,000 reactions across social media platforms.

But wait, there's more! We held a raffle for a custom-built PC complete with top-of-the-line peripherals. The PC has an opening at the top and acts as a coin bank. And the best part? The PC only powers up when you put in a coin.

None of this would have been possible without our incredible hardware partners: Adept, AMD, ASUS, EKWB, InWin, MDPC-X, Philips, Predator Storage, Samsung, and SteelSeries.