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Yes, we also do print. And we think we're pretty good at it. Our biannual German marketing campaign Inside Games combines the sensation of reading something physical with a modern online presence.

Every issue has a print run of 240,000 copies. They are distributed within one of Europe's most influential magazines: DER SPIEGEL. The summer issue is released each August. Just days before gamescom opens its doors to the public. Inside Games' winter issue is published at the end of every November—during the peak Christmas shopping season.

Needless to say, all print content can also be consumed online on

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240,000 copies are great, but we go further than that! Tens of thousands of extra copies are distributed at cinemas of the Cineplex group, at gamescom (summer issue) and at DreamHack Hannover (winter issue).

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Advertorials are designed and written by our experienced team—at no extra cost.

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Our entertainment website acts as a digital extension of our Inside Games publication and features all print content.

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No matter if you prefer classic advertisements placed in an attractive environment, advertorials or something else entirely, we've got you covered.

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Inside Games
at a glance

Inside Games is a cross-media gaming campaign that is released twice a year, in August and November. The print version, with a circulation of at least 250,000 copies, is distributed within DER SPIEGEL, at cinemas of the Cineplex group, at gamescom (summer issue) and at DreamHack Hannover (winter issue). The editorial and advertorial content is also published on

at a glance

DER SPIEGEL is one of Europe's most impactful magazines. Its audience consists of well-educated individuals who hold significant roles, enjoy above-average incomes, and rank among the most important multipliers in society.1

52% of readers are between 30 and 59 years2

58% have a net household income of over €35001

Sources: 1. DER SPIEGEL; 2. LAE 2022